Welcome to Uniquely You. Uncover Yourself!

Hi, I’m Mirjam Blank and I help high performing care takers like you who feel exhausted, anxious and frustrated understand what’s draining your energy and consuming your driving force. Of not being able to do something for yourself, cause life is extremely hectic and requires your full attention: work, family, and your entrusted ones. You feel completely distracted and drained. You keep asking yourself why you can’t overcome this. You feel helpless in your own skin, the one who’s been a doer, an organizer and who takes care of everything running smoothly, now feeling helpless yourself. Putting off things, procrastinating, not taking action anymore on the things that are most important to you. 

I know this matters to you because you want to take back control of your life, get your confidence and drive back.

You might not be absolutely sure what you want out of life, but it’s definitively not thinking: How did I end up here? Is this it? I want to thrive not just dedicate to everyone around me. Where is the person that I once was? Laughing, strong and feisty, feeling light. This is not the role model that I want to be for my loved ones. This cannot be what life is about? 

Feeling depleted and overwhelmed. This is not how you envisioned your life to be. Doubting and worrying why you can’t do it. Seeing no options out of this. Having become this pale shadow of who you used to be. 

You’re seriously terrified that this is how your life’s gonna be forever. 

Noise, tiredness, endless demand. Drive-less. Not getting your things done how you used to. Joy and ease far off. Second guessing your decisions. But as long as you’re caught up in this vicious cycle, feeling calm, at ease and being the confident you, actually really taking back control of your life and feeling happy with who you once were, will stay on the distant horizon at best. 

No Drive and Inner Fire?


You feel exhausted, drive-less, unmotivated, frustrated, restless — a pale shadow of who you used to be.

Life is super hectic, endlessly demanding, and you feel completely distracted and drained.

Anxious and Overwhelmed?


Stress, tension and worry and second-guessing everything you do. Why can’t you overcome this? It’s paralyzing, it’s overwhelming.

You don’t have the energy. You don’t see any options or a way out.


Frustrated and Tired?


You’re frustrated and tired of being frustrated and tired. You feel things are slipping out of your hands. And they are.

You can’t bear to live like a pale shadow the next few decades.

Confidence Shattered?


You had dreams, aspirations, wanted more out of life – but somehow you ended up here. You lost trust in your strengths and abilities. Loosing confidence in yourself. This is not how you envisioned your life to be.

But in the back of your head you somehow clutch at straws. You know there is more — and you want this more again.

Out of Control?


It’s been ages since you remember how it all started out. You don’t want to feel the pain anymore. You don’t want to suffer anymore.

You want to see the spark of WHO you can be once again and feel at ‚home‘ again.


You know, I am a high performing care taker like you and I nearly lost my drive and inner fire. I was lost in the downward spiral of juggling and trying to take care of all my responsibilities, being permanently on the run, restless and bone-tired in a constant loop — ending up second-guessing the things I did, feeling less joy and energetic day-by-day, doing less and less, cause all was too overwhelming and me loosing confidence in myself. 

I was so frustrated and tired of being frustrated and tired. Things were slipping out of my hands, that scared me the most, cause I was the expert in organizing and keeping things running, and I felt I couldn’t do anything to stop this. I lost trust in my strengths and abilities, I felt like a half shadow of myself. Existing but not really living. 

I tried to find calm moments, rest and get my sleep. I tried to quiet the constant negative chatter in my head and the worries about the future. Trying to de-stress, trying to get my mind off all the doubting, trying to distract me, listening to others tips and advice, and trying to think more positive and convince myself that things would get better once the project was over, once my entrusted one was getting better, once I had holidays, once things would slow down and I would have time to recharge, feel better and have more time for my own passions, projects and myself. Reading self-help books over books, doing relaxation practices and courses, spa weekends, massages and physiotherapy, sleeping, taking breaks, eating and drinking healthier, exercising. But things didn’t work out as I thought they would. Things kept coming back no matter what I did. Tension, stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, loneliness.

People around me didn’t really understood what I was feeling inside, and what I was going through. I tried to be happy, look happy and tried to call back the strong, energetic person that I used to be, trying to get out of my worrying, negativity and rushing. The noise and chatter quieted for some time, but returned as a constant companion once again. And a bad feeling that something was wrong with me, why I couldn’t overcome this, was devouring me slowly but steadily. 



I believe that everyone has their own truth and is on their own unique journey.

Only we know who we are.
No one else can see into the depths of our inner being.

Who we are, or who we are not.

I believe the greatest art is to see that each person is Unique.

Every experience is Unique. Every emotion and feeling is Unique. Every energy drainer is Unique. I believe that every person is unique and that all is already inside of us of what needs to be done to pivot the direction of your life and become the master of your steering wheel and under control again. 

We often know what we don’t want in life, and put all of our focus in getting rid of what we don’t want, instead of focusing on what we want.

We often learn so much, gather knowledge and get advice, but we’re having a hard time getting from A to Z (we have theory, but actually reality, putting things into action and follow through is a complete different story). Then we think it’s not do-able cause things would need to be turned upside down, there is not enough time, or it’s simply not for us, cause we won’t have this luck like others do. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. Start living in reality, pal! 

I know this isn’t working for you! And in the back of your head you somehow believe that there must be something.

You know there is more — and you want this more again!

You don’t need a wand, more time or luck,

That’s what I help high performing care takers do: Find internal clarity first, without a wand, more time or luck. By creating do-able action steps towards reigniting your Driving Force, follow through and thus uncovering the buried Flame — the Unique You.

Reclaiming to be calm, confident, and being the thriving person that you really are — no pretending, no wearing masks, no should’s.

Feeling inner happiness with who you are and finally coming ‘home’.


It’s important that before we go any further to our Free Call that you feel that my approach is the right thing for you.

My program is designed for supporting and empowering you to Reclaim Your Driving Force, to Get Back your Control — the Unique You!

However, for it to work for you, you need to be willing to make a firm commitment to yourself. You have to ask yourself how much is it worth for you? Cause you need to face with courage. Are you ready to take the leap and put in consistent uncomfortable, imperfect and courageous action?

Ask yourself, if this is the right path for you:


Many people love to create change for themselves in a short time and in a quick fix. Are you aware that Getting You Off the ‘Life feels like a Treadmill’ Bus and uncover the buried Flame will take time? Don’t get me wrong, you’ll see results. You’ll get them relatively quickly, but things that had ample time to manifest, will not vanish into thin air just like that.



Are you viewing getting your Driving Force and Control back as a high priority, and are willing and open to do what it takes, let go of holding on to things that are keeping you in place and put in the effort to take consistent action to set yourself on the path to get back your calm, confidence and be happy with who you are?


Everyone is different and is unique. No path and journey is the same. Are you aware that it is your personal growth Journey and about removing the barriers to your Unique Self?


Are you aware that this is about building your bridge on your unique path? You are Unique: building takes time. Are you persistent, determined and patient to build your path, in your time and at your own pace? The Journey matters most, enjoy the process!


Are you willing and open to get your energy levels first up and running again? Every activity, thought, emotion takes energy. A healthy body needs to be well nourished, and requires plentiful energy. Restoring what has been compromised needs thus extra energy.


Are you willing to explore deeper and face at some time challenging and hard truths? Are you ready to listen and hear what you have been neglecting for a long time? It takes effort to manifest an open heart to be able to listen and hear what it is that needs attention, and take action accordingly. 

How uncomfortable or excited are you now?

When you’ve answered all with a resounding „Yes“, I’m excited to get to know you better in a free Call and see if my program is the right fit for you.


You don’t need a wand, more time or luck,
you need someone to show you how, and hold you accountable to get where you want to be!

If you Want to get your Calm and Confidence back,
and Reignite your Inner Fire,
let’s work together in my 1:1 intensive program.

Are You Ready to Cut being Exhausted, Frustrated and Without Thrive,
and Want to Relight Your Inner Flame?


Cut feeling like a pale shadow

A 3-month, 1:1 individual 60 min. intensive

unique journey program of empowerment with accountability for high performing care takers wanting to take control back of their lives and get their confidence back, without making a dramatic 180-degree turn.

Get Your Driving Force back to be the Confident Performer that You Are.

Yeah, this is Me!


Clients Unique Journey’s. Reclaiming their Control.

I’ve helped high performing care takers all over the world take courageous action on the things that actually make a difference when it comes to getting their inner Driving Force back — Germany, Austria, Romania, UK, Netherlends, Estland, Egypt, India, Republic Kenya, Hong Kong, USA, Canada.

But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself how it feels like to walk your own Unique Journey to Confidence, to Calmness and Become Happy with Who You Are.


Finally Unlocking My Energy.


‚I met Mirjam in one of the lowest points in my life. I thought I was doing everything right for my health but one day, due to high stress and cancer concerns, my body completely blocked. From muscle pain to low moods, not much seemed to make sense. With the support from Mirjam I was able to make order in my energy drainers and blockages, which led to an amazing experience that completely unlocked my energy. My body followed through as I experience now a new strong and healthy body. The energy exchanged in every session and the hard work that we both put in, like real partners, led to my healing.

I wish everyone could experience what we experienced together and I know that if you are reading this you are one step away to change your life.’

Georgiana, Romania 

You've Helped Me Grow.


‚Mirjam, I’d just like to thank you for our sessions together. They have really made me grow and pushed me past what I thought I could be capable of. You have an incredible gift of facilitating going deep into the internal self and really supporting me on my own personal journey of energy-awareness. I’ve made leaps forward both in my personal and professional life thanks to your support and patience holding the space to figure things out in MY own way that will help me grow. 

I feel so grateful that I’ve met you!’

Christine, Egypt 


Tremendous Impact On My Life.

From our first introductory session, I have been impressed by Mirjam’s dedication and enthusiasm, this energy has been very essential in creating a good rapport and connection with her. The impact the training have had in my life and mindset has been tremendous and I give most of the credit to Mirjam’s approach; her practical guide has enabled me to identify my insufficiencies and also helped me formulate solutions. The provision of different meditation exercises and other techniques have enabled me to be in tune with my emotions and understanding the message they relay. Apart from this, she is a great listener and her ability to reframe my thoughts has been of great assistance.

Having Mirjam as my Energy Trainer though spontaneous, happened at the right moment in my life. I am very grateful for the guidance and dedication she has accorded me so far.’

Faiz, Kenya  

Step By Step.


‘During my Energy Training with Mirjam I was able to better identify personal and professional goals and priorities. Through the techniques taught by her I was furthermore able to make significant moves towards these goals. 

It has been a pleasure to be trained by Mirjam and I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional energy training.’ 

Pin, Germany

For Me It Was Priceless.


‘I just want to say thank you Mirjam. Thank you very very much for your support and your help. It’s a pleasure to have the training with you. But honestly for me it’s not really work. When you’re in training with Mirjam it feels light and like having a chat, it’s not really a work. And suddenly you understand what has been in your way all along. 

Mirjam, thank you very very much. It was a pleasure having this training with you.

For me it was priceless!’ 

Nicole, Austria

So Much Clarity In My Life.


‘I had a great experience when I had a training session with Mirjam. I had a huge realization which gave me so much clarity in my life. Which was just fantastic. She has great presence, and she holds you in a really safe space for you to be vulnerable and  to unpack and she listens so attentively as well. Her visualization techniques are incredible, very powerful.

I would always recommend Mirjam. She will detfinievly guide you on an incredible Journey!’

Jane, England

Auditing my Energy.


‘In our training Mirjam had a warm, compassionate way that made me delve deep inside. I caught myself completely engaged in the process. The way Mirjam guided me through it made me feel safe, genuinely heard and unafraid of being vulnerable. I would describe the sensation as that of being “held”, like a baby swaddled in a blanket. Because I had taken a deep internal journey up until that point, the realisation about the gap in that particular area of my life hit me hard and made me very emotional. It was a beautiful journey that completely changed my perspective and gave me new insights. Having experienced the impact only one session had, it made me excited about what’s still to come.

Mirjam, you’re such an inspiration to me; thank you so much!’

Chie, England



Is an holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life. It is founded in a very well-established life cultivation and Qigong tradition, and at the same time is innovative, incorporating current advances in human knowledge and science. The methods and techniques are safe, effective and designed to meet the needs of modern life, such as that we need to juggle many things and that our time is rare. 


Is a comprehensive system that cultivates life as a whole, addressing the imbalances or blockages of Qi that contribute to health problems and problems in life. It is an alternative healthcare method that uses the mind, breath, body, and heart to effect continuous positive changes to Qi, with the aim of improving health and elevation of consciousness. The purpose of the practice is to build up the amount of Qi and to promote Qi flow in the body. To align the Body, Consciousness, Heart and Qi and cultivating a relaxed, calm and natural state. 


There are additional techniques on Qi Adjustment and improving the Qi condition, which are a guidance to initiate change and improvement of Body, Mind, Heart and Qi. This is for the purpose of creating within your body and mind an optimum environment to facilitate and maximize your body’s own self-healing mechanisms and uplift the whole life.