is the foundation of life, of health and well-being. Energy is the fuel that keeps us running everyday. Energy influences our life in versatile ways.

Energy is the key to open up all kinds of possibilities to create and live the life YOU want.

The world is shifting faster than most can keep up with, demands are getting higher and tougher. How to juggle your personal life with work and family and not feeling helpless watching how things are sliding slowly but surely out of your hands becomes a well treasured conundrum you’re seeking to solve. Waking up every day completely drained. Again. Another week in hell. But still pretending all is fine and all is still under control. You got this. You MUST! The project’s soon over. It’s always this way this time of year. It’ll get better. All will get back to normal. The break is coming. Breathing will get better. Soon! It’ll get quieter at work, and at home the waters will calm again. Very soon!!

Until there isn’t! No pretending anymore. Nothing is under control. Nothing is all fine. All’s a real mess! All is going into the toilet…in the office and at home.

Ok, ‘I’ve lost it!’ I want things to change. NO! I NEED things to change. And FAST!!!

Instead of shrinking and loosing more and more every day, being burnt-out, exhausted, stressed, paralysed, edgy, lonely, you need to be In-the-Know. It’s time to thrive in your power, in your energy, to excel in your performance at work and enjoy your family life again!


In her ‘Reclaim Your Power’ program Mirjam will reveal the Wisdom and Secrets she has learned and applied along her own Transformational Journey. Designed into simple, easy to learn and flexible ways to apply — yet powerful. To support you to master getting your creativity back, your structure, your efficiency, your competence, to feel joyful, healthy and fulfilled in life again.


Quit Feeling Burnt-Out and Reclaim Your Power!
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Are You Feeling Burnt-Out?


You’re working like a machine. You’ve just made it through another totally overwhelming week from hell at work. You feel like you’re working against time. You’re drowning in all the responsibilities. You feel burnt-out, exhausted, edgy, the constant chatter in your head is driving you crazy…By the end of the day, you’re way over the red zone. Your work and family life is suffering. You are suffering!

All Out Of Control?


You feel more tired then yesterday. You’re so pissed off. You’re so mad you couldn’t sleep for hours…again…you feel like screaming „This is not OK!“ You nearly exploded. This isn’t gonna work, you’re doing everything. You get panicky about how you gonna find time to get the mountain of stuff done on your desk. Where to start first? You feel frozen with „panic“, paralyzed. Soo tired. You don’t know how to stop all of this.


Is There Still Faith?


It’s been ages since you remember how it all started out. From feeling tired all the time, to feeling fuzzy, to having no strength for ANYTHING. You feel like garbage. You feel like a Zombie. You don’t wanna feel the pain anymore. Is there really faith all this can change?

I Want Back My Power


When you’re in your power you sleep better, your mind’s calm. You feel in control, you feel strong, you’re competent. You’re motivated and feel energized to truly enjoy going out and spending time with your family. You excel in whatever you do. You feel you can conquer anything.

I Want Back My Focus


You’re more concentrated and focused. You’re structured and organized. You’re more productive, you get results and you’re successful. You not only love what you’re doing, but you’re really good at what you do.

I Want Back My Calm


You’re managing challenging situations more easily. You’re now the driver and not just sitting on the passengers seat of your life. Now you have the tools to navigate through all the craziness with more ease.


Mirjam is a certified Qigong and Energy Coach-Trainer. She is helping people getting out from feeling burnt-out and loosing control, who want to stop dreading and hating things they loved before, to finally regaining back their power and excel in their performance at work and enjoy their family life again. No more living like a Zombie!

She hit rock bottom — totally and completely burnt-out. Another totally overwhelming week from hell. Lost in Groundhog Day: working like a machine, drowning in her mountain of work stacks on the desk, coming home late night, eating something quick to prepare (no matter if healthy or not, I don’t want to waste any MORE time), feeling sooo tired, but somehow being so pumped up, that falling asleep isn’t an easy thing to come at all, finally sleeping, startled jumping awake, like real awake, “Oh, gosh! I forgot to send the email out. Oh, damn! I forgot to add that to the project. Heck! What do I do??!!”, being the VERY first in the office trying to fix things, and Oh Nooo, I forgot to call back my friend (aarrrgghh! She’ll be pissed off with me…). I’m beyond exhausted, my brain can’t take any more, stop the screaming in my head! I know I can be better than this, but I feel totally lost and scared and panicked right now! My life is full garbage and everything is going into the toilet…

She was exhausted, overwhelmed, over worrying, feeling anxious and stressed all the time, and she couldn’t wind down at all. She felt lost, depressed and lonely and then looking down at the crushed pieces of her self-confidence on the floor, never believing to get these ever back again. She felt like an empty shell. Something was missing — feeling yourself again — the ‚Inner Me’ waiting to be uncovered. 

In 2015 she reached a significant turning point in her life and she started her Self-Discovery Journey. That was when she found an alternative method, based in the Chinese Wisdom Culture called Qigong, which focuses on energy enhancement and health promotion. With the methods and techniques of REN XUE, an holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life, that combines eastern and western thought traditions, science, medicine and modern technology and with the practice of Qigong, she was able to create within her body and mind continuous positive changes. She felt fitter again, sleeping through again, quieting the constant chatter in her head, getting her health back, getting her energy back, getting her focus back, getting her competence back. Getting her Power back!

In the beginning of 2020 Mirjam’s Self-Discovery Journey led her to Jay Shetty and a whole new door opened up with the Jay Shetty Certification School.

It was hugely empowering for Mirjam to see and feel that she could become the Master of the Steering Wheel again and under control and owning her responsibility. What she realised was that she can only give the best of herself to others when she was working towards her best self. Otherwise everyone in her life was getting simply the worst of her or the left overs of her energy. How many times have you ever felt this way too? That giving your loved one’s the leftover of your energy, and that they’re not getting the best of you, cause you barely can find the best of you in yourself? Mirjam recognised that beyond the distractions, beyond the exhaustion, the anxieties, the edgyness, the over worrying, the loneliness — there is still the Real You. By slaying her Distractions, she reclaimed her Control. She reclaimed her Health. She reclaimed her Power. She reclaimed her Joy and Happiness. 

Since 2019 Mirjam is a certified Qigong and Energy Trainer and since 2021 she is certified by the Jay Shetty Certification School.

Today Mirjam’s mission is to help and inspire people with Courage to Claim what they Deserve, to get back their Power — the REAL YOU!

If it’s time to stop surviving yet another year and you want things to change, NO you NEED things to change and FAST!!

Not middle-term, NOT long-term (?! You’re kidding me, right?!) NOW!!

Then I’m Here To Get You Off The ‚Burnt-Out’ Bus to finally Reclaim your Control and Power!

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I believe that beyond all the exhaustion, the anxieties, the edginess, the over worrying, the loneliness — that there is still the REAL YOU.

Everyone is on their own Unique Journey. No life is the same. Everyone deserves to be heard, seen and valued. 

How many times do we catch ourselves on autopilot response when someones’ talking about their problems and work loads, sharing they’re working like a machine, drowning in all the responsibilities and heading into feeling burnt-out, but don’t want to deliver a crappy job and there’s no way out of Groundhog Day?

How many times do we catch ourselves knowing already the right answer to their problems in the office and at home, because we heard that before, because we’ve been there too? Because everyone has loads to do, and it’s all your fault where you are anyway!

Just play stupid! Just play you can’t do it! Stop being so fast and efficient!

Just stop working harder and smarter in your work. Stop being good at what you do. Cause then you’re not encouraging your boss or coworkers to add their crap on your plate. The problem is you’re just too good. When you are, everyone wants you keep doing it — you’re the creative one, you’re the organized one, you have the network, you’re the fast one, you know how it goes — so the moment you’re free or not (who even cares!), there’s something else for you to tackle up to the point where you can’t even breathe. No matter if you just leave a hint or give a clear NO, your boss couldn’t care less and still dumps on you anyway, instead of hiring another person or handing it over to the colleague.

And now the fear of getting dumped on is REAL!

The fear of loosing your creativity is real. The fear of loosing your structure and being organized is real. The fear of loosing your results and efficiency is real. The fear of not being competent is real. The fear of loosing your job is getting real!

Now you are stupid! Now you can’t do it! You stopped being fast and efficient! Now you are incompetent! What will come next?

Often we think if someone looks identical and does the same things, they’re going through the exact same thing and should do the exact same thing. It’s an easy thing to solve. But our stories are always different. You don’t know how I feel and what I’m going through. It’s not that easy as you think.

I believe the greatest art is to see that each person is UNIQUE. Every story is Unique. Every issue and problem is Unique. Every energy drainer is Unique. I believe that every person is Unique and the Transformation of feeling burnt-out and uncovering the Real You is an individual and personal Journey. 

You deserve to be seen, heard and valued!

Mirjam’s program is designed to equip you with methods, techniques and strategies to Get You Off the ‘Burnt-Out Bus’ and finally claim what you Deserve, to get back your Power  — the REAL YOU!

Quit Feeling like a Zombie and Reclaim Your Power!


It’s important that before we go any further to our Free Call that you feel that my approach is the right thing for you.

My program is designed for supporting and empowering you to Claim what you Deserve, to Get Back your Power — the Real You!

However, for it to work for you, you need to be willing to make a firm commitment to yourself. You have to ask yourself how much is it worth for you? Cause you need to face with courage. Are you ready to take the leap and put in consistent uncomfortable, imperfect and courageous action?

Ask yourself, if this is the right path for you:


Many people love to create change for themselves in a short time and in a quick fix. Are you aware that Getting You Off the ‘Burnt-out’ Bus will take time? Don’t get me wrong, you’ll see results. You’ll get them relatively quickly, but it’s not gonna vanish just like that.



Are you viewing learning and growth as a high priority, and are willing to apply the methods, tools and habits, let go of holding on to things that are keeping you in place and do the hard work to take consistent action to set yourself on the path to get your Power back?


Everyone is different and is unique. No path and journey is the same. Are you aware that it is your personal growth Journey and about uncovering the barriers to your Unique Self?


Are you aware that the Journey is more about a marathon rather than a sprint? You are Unique: it is in your time and at your own pace. The Journey matters most, enjoy the process!


Are you willing to test yourself, stretch your comfort zone, and let go of things that are draining and burning you out?


Are you willing to explore deeper and face at some time challenging truths?

How uncomfortable or excited are you now?

When you’ve answered all with a resounding „Yes“, I’m excited to get to know you better in a free Call and see if my program is the right fit for you.



My Guess Is You’ve Probably…

  • Had a seat on the ‘Burnt-Out’ Bus and feeling exhausted, stressed, edgy, angry, crushed and frustrated for way too long
  • Invested so much time already in ‘overthinking’ or ‘overwhelming’ of HOW to get out of living in hell every week
  • Been discouraged cause your backs at the wall — you’ve tried other things that didn’t work or not getting the results you wanted, and you’ve been trying but you’re just not getting out of Groundhog Day

My Program is Built on the Following…

  • You don’t need more ‘External Advice’, you need ‘Internal Clarity’ FIRST
  • You don’t need to find the right door for your key, you just need the right key to unlock all doors — to your inner Power
  • You don’t need to do everything perfected, you need to be courageous and take action consistently

If it’s time to stop surviving yet another year and you want things to change, NO you NEED things to change and FAST!! Finally grab it. Finally stop living like a Zombie!

You read this and think.

‘Yes, that’s ME!’


Then I’m Here To Get You Off The ‘Burnt-Out’ Bus and happy to join you on Your Unique Journey of Reclaiming Your Power!

My program is based on the principle ‘Wherever your focus, your mind goes, energy will follow.’ If you focus where you want to go, you’ll attract that into your life.

Before I Started This With Anyone Else, I Did and still Do this For Myself.

My program is an Unique Journey of Empowerment that combines all of the most important steps to getting your control back, Your POWER, excelling in your performance at work, enjoying and loving time with your family and friends again. Every single day. The proven and very effective, enjoyable and flexible methods and techniques are the key to boost your energy, your health, your whole life — Uncovering the Real You!



In my 12-Week one-on-one individual Training Program you get equipped 

  • to boost and recharge your energy 
  • to finally sleep through at night
  • alleviate your pain and tensions in your neck, shoulders and back 
  • to be more focused and make clear decisions
  • to have a calm head and be more grounded 

to excel in your performance at work and enjoy your family life again, every single day!


Clients Unique Journey’s. Reclaiming their Power.

I have worked with clients from all over the World — Germany, Austria, Romania, UK, Egypt, India, Republic Kenya, Japan, USA, Canada and have helped them get their power back.

But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself how it feels like to walk your own Unique Journey to exel in your performance and enjoy your life again.


Finally Unlocking My Energy.


‚I met Mirjam in one of the lowest points in my life. I thought I was doing everything right for my health but one day, due to high stress and cancer concerns, my body completely blocked. From muscle pain to low moods, not much seemed to make sense. With the support from Mirjam I was able to make order in my energy drainers and blockages, which led to an amazing experience that completely unlocked my energy. My body followed through as I experience now a new strong and healthy body. The energy exchanged in every session and the hard work that we both put in, like real partners, led to my healing.

I wish everyone could experience what we experienced together and I know that if you are reading this you are one step away to change your life.’

Georgiana, Romania 

You've Helped Me Grow.


‚Mirjam, I’d just like to thank you for our sessions together. They have really made me grow and pushed me past what I thought I could be capable of. You have an incredible gift of facilitating going deep into the internal self and really supporting me on my own personal journey of energy-awareness. I’ve made leaps forward both in my personal and professional life thanks to your support and patience holding the space to figure things out in MY own way that will help me grow. 

I feel so grateful that I’ve met you!’

Christine, Egypt 


Tremendous Impact On My Life.

From our first introductory session, I have been impressed by Mirjam’s dedication and enthusiasm, this energy has been very essential in creating a good rapport and connection with her. The impact the training have had in my life and mindset has been tremendous and I give most of the credit to Mirjam’s approach; her practical guide has enabled me to identify my insufficiencies and also helped me formulate solutions. The provision of different meditation exercises and other techniques have enabled me to be in tune with my emotions and understanding the message they relay. Apart from this, she is a great listener and her ability to reframe my thoughts has been of great assistance.

Having Mirjam as my Energy Trainer though spontaneous, happened at the right moment in my life. I am very grateful for the guidance and dedication she has accorded me so far.’

Faiz, Kenya  

Step By Step.


‘During my Energy Training with Mirjam I was able to better identify personal and professional goals and priorities. Through the techniques taught by her I was furthermore able to make significant moves towards these goals. 

It has been a pleasure to be trained by Mirjam and I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional energy training.’ 

Pin, Germany

For Me It Was Priceless.


‘I just want to say thank you Mirjam. Thank you very very much for your support and your help. It’s a pleasure to have the training with you. But honestly for me it’s not really work. When you’re in training with Mirjam it feels light and like having a chat, it’s not really a work. And suddenly you understand what has been in your way all along. 

Mirjam, thank you very very much. It was a pleasure having this training with you.

For me it was priceless!’ 

Nicole, Austria

So Much Clarity In My Life.


‘I had a great experience when I had a training session with Mirjam. I had a huge realization which gave me so much clarity in my life. Which was just fantastic. She has great presence, and she holds you in a really safe space for you to be vulnerable and  to unpack and she listens so attentively as well. Her visualization techniques are incredible, very powerful.

I would always recommend Mirjam. She will detfinievly guide you on an incredible Journey!’

Jane, England

Auditing my Energy.


‘In our training Mirjam had a warm, compassionate way that made me delve deep inside. I caught myself completely engaged in the process. The way Mirjam guided me through it made me feel safe, genuinely heard and unafraid of being vulnerable. I would describe the sensation as that of being “held”, like a baby swaddled in a blanket. Because I had taken a deep internal journey up until that point, the realisation about the gap in that particular area of my life hit me hard and made me very emotional. It was a beautiful journey that completely changed my perspective and gave me new insights. Having experienced the impact only one session had, it made me excited about what’s still to come.

Mirjam, you’re such an inspiration to me; thank you so much!’

Chie, England



Is an holistic approach to enhancing and uplifting life.

REN XUE includes two distinct disciplines: Qigong as self-practice and various techniques on Energy Adjustment that initiate changes in Energy and support the own body healing mechanisms to create an equilibrium of Body, Mind and Energy — the foundation for health and wellbeing.


Qigong is an alternative healthcare method that uses the mind, breath and body to effect continuous positive changes to Energy, with the aim of improving health and elevation of the consciousness.

The methods are founded in a very well established Qigong tradition, and at the same time are a new creation that incorporates current advances in human knowledge and meet the needs of modern life such as, for example, that we need to juggle many things in our lifes and our time is rare.


There are additional techniques on Energy Adjustment or ‘Qi Healing’, which are a simple guidance on the Energy condition to initiate change and improvement of Energy and consciousness. This is for the purpose of creating within your body and mind an optimum environment for ‚Energy-Adjustment‘ to take place and to facilitate and maximize your body’s own self-healing mechanisms and uplift the whole life.


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“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Lao Tzu